With LiveDesign, RATIO is changing the way complex projects are delivered.

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"One of the reasons we selected RATIO is that we like how they work… They’re very unique. The design profession would be better overall to use these kinds of techniques and processes because they resonate well with folks who aren’t in the business of doing this every day." - Dall Clark, Director, University of Kentucky Capital Project Management

To promote active, collaborative dialogue between the design and planning team and local project decision-makers, our designers exchange knowledge in real time though the use of many technologies, electronic and analog. 

Rather than separate meetings for discovery followed by the traditionally insulated design process, LiveDesignSM engages stakeholders in person to generate meaningful conversations and design concepts in the moment. 

This combination of nimble tools, skilled expertise and local knowledge realizes greater creative potential, facilitates the gathering of complex information from multiple stakeholders and gives us confidence that we are acting upon the most important priorities of our clients. The result is an infectious energy that engages users in rich dialogue and allows broader consensus building, all while keeping meetings enjoyable and attendance high.

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Sustainable Design Thinking


RATIO knows that the built environment has a significant impact not only on its users, but also on the natural environment.

With that in mind, our multidisciplinary teams look at every project as a unique opportunity to incorporate sustainable thinking from the very beginning of the design process.

Guided by a spirit of collaboration between us and our clients, our commitment to sustainable design has resulted in nearly 5 million square feet of projects that are LEED certified or are currently tracking LEED certification status.

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Collaboration in design


At RATIO, we think of design in the broadest terms, from cities and landscapes to the light fixtures above our clients' desks. This philosophy has led us to unique opportunities for collaboration both inside and outside the firm. 

Whether giving a platform to local talent, partnering with immersive technology specialists or working alongside international artists such as Chihuly and Robert Indiana, we look first to understand our clients' challenges before proposing a creative design solution.

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Valued Relationships


More than anything, we value the trust that comes with working for and alongside our clients.

On every project, we're committed to a process of discovery that engages the best people in meaningful conversation to understand what our clients do, what they're passionate about and what challenges they face. Join us for a conversation today

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